Last week we once again were 100% on day trade alerts. Your entry/exit may vary, if you have trouble with the exits please ask in the chat! Having a trading plan is very important, that’s what the #spy-analysis channel is all about.

No SPX MWF plays last week because of market choppiness and low volatility, no earnings trades as nothing was interesting to trade.That’s an average of 48.4% gain on several day trades, we often call out more in the live voice for scalping based on the market. @Batman (Mr. Patience) had some great calls in there too!

Day trades 100% win rate you could always choose different expiration dates for varying percentages. I pick a safe date for a day trade.

On our SPX same day expiration plays we’re 100% as well, all condors expired worthless with about a 24% return on capital

Earnings plays were also 100% winners this week, proving you can make money on earnings with the correct strategy. Always amazing how well options predict price movement. This is simply using probabilities to maximize returns

Return on capital for earnings was about 77%. You’ll notice I do not call a ton of different plays. The objective is to focus with the right strategy to increase your probability of success. Options are the best tool in the market to maximize this.

Looks like we had a really good week trading SPY with an 83.3% win rate on day trades that were alerted. We did trade a few other over live voice that were good but it’s difficult to call out scalps on in the chat because you have to be quick. So if you can get on live voice during the day it’s worth it.

Here’s a performance summary of our day trade alerts:

Average 36% gain. We missed one day on the SPX Monday-Wednesday-Friday expiration day plays to avoid some news but had 100% winners with 100% gain for about 31.5% ROC (return on capital). Pretty hard to beat!

We’re looking forward to another great week coming up, don’t forget that the market is closed Monday for Labor Day.